Friday, April 29, 2016

Restaurant Review: McFadden's Sports Saloon

 One of the anchors of the KC Live area in the Power & Light District is McFadden's Sports Saloon. This popular pub has been home to many of the local celebrations, and was spotlighted during the recent Royal's run for the World Series victory. Many people remember seeing images or hearing stories of  Royal's players Partying with the crowd at McFadden's. It has become a legend on the Kansas City entertainment scene.

  Sitting squarely across from the Sprint Center, it is a favorite pre and post concert venue to while away some time. The atmosphere is almost always lively, as patrons drop by the Irish style saloon to grab a drink and watch some sporting events on their numerous screens. Serving up lunch and dinner every day, they are also a prime location for a fairly quick meal.

  They tout their menu as loaded with "Gourmet Pub Food" at affordable prices, and for the most part that is true. They offer a standard mix of appetizers at or under $10.00 per plate, but toss in a few unique options like Reuben Egg Rolls. Their run of the mill burgers are satisfying, and served with fries, as would be expected. They also prepare a selection of handheld and wraps, which all fall in the $10.00 per plate range. Most are standard fare, but there are a couple of creative offerings.

  Their entree section is fairly sparse, but the fish and chips are usually tasty, but a little on the greasy side. I guess this is pretty common, since it is rare for us to find them any better. They also offer a couple of dessert options for those with room left after dinner. Overall we find McFadden's to be a simple option if looking for a quick meal or just a place to duck out of the weather. It is first and foremost a pub, and as such focuses on it's drink variety. While  it's not gourmet, it is good enough to bring you back. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Hour Review: Drunken Fish

  The Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri is an eclectic mix of urban style eateries and entertainment venues. It seems there is always something taking place there, and this means that it can sometimes be very crowded. While some people may hesitate to visit for this reason, we find it an opportunity for advanced people watching. The wide variety of restaurants mean that there is usually something new to try, and helps prevent falling into the rut of always going to the same place. Since this area touts itself as an entertainment venue it would obviously have to have the makings of some Happy Hour settings.

  Drunken Fish is not your traditional Happy Hour location, since most are focused on serving up burgers and brews. Here you will find a selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as a few additional appetizers, all at about 1/3 off their regular price. The food is well prepared with fresh ingredients, and the waitstaff is pleasant, even when busy. They obviously have beer, but also offer up a handful of cocktail options, as well as sake and wines. Their Happy Hour evening hours are limited from 4:00 to 6:00, but they do repeat the offerings from 10:00 pm until close. Located at 14 E. 14th Street, this P&L eatery is awaiting your visit.