Thursday, July 21, 2016

Restaurant Review: Country Club Cafe

  Some of you may realize that I enjoy golfing whenever I get the opportunity. Don't confuse that statement to mean I am a good golfer, just take it for what I said. Periodically, my wife will endure the very early morning trip, usually leaving the house at 5:30 am. On these occasions it is only fitting that afterwards we go to breakfast. Our most recent occurrence also coincided with an appointment we had later that morning in Shawnee.

  Now the ideal situation would be for us to find a nice little restaurant in between these two stops, so that we can refuel before the rest of our day. I am a Yelp app user, as it has helped us locate some unique spots. On this particular morning we were struggling to find a good fit, but as we headed south on 7 highway towards Shawnee Mission Parkway we discovered one. Sitting unobtrusively on a quiet, shaded corner is Country Club Cafe. The name is obviously associated with the bank of the same name, to which the restaurant is attached.

 Upon entering we found the place to be more of a Starbucks style location, instead of the standard breakfast fare we were looking for. Being open to impromptu dining, we decided to see what we could find. We explained to the server that we were first timers, and they patiently walked us through their menu offerings. They offer made to order omelets, but they quickly pointed out that the Rollover was by far the crowd favorite.

  Made with ham, egg salad, and co-jack cheese it sounded like an interesting combination. These ingredients are topped with a chipotle mayo, and all of this is placed on an Asiago cheese bagel. It sounded like a ton of different flavors, but they assured us that they blended well. We both agreed to try it, and then headed off to sample their coffee. The service was prompt, and the sandwich was delicious. They were spot on about the mix of flavors, as each one complimented the other in just the right way. While this would not be our standard breakfast spot, it does give us a quiet spot for a fast bite when we are in the area. If you want to know more about Country Club Cafe follow this link

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