Thursday, August 25, 2016

Restaurant Review: Big Grill & More

  We can't begin to count the number of times we have driven by a place and wondered what it has to offer. Too often it is merely a fleeting thought, and then we move on to the next thing. Such was the case for me on multiple trips to City Hall. My route takes me to the 5th Street exit off of I-70 East, and then I cut down Sandusky Avenue to get to 6th Street. This dumps me out just down the hill from City Hall. It also means that I turn right in front of Big Grill & More restaurant. Rarely do I see many vehicles parked in front, but then again I usually pass by in the middle of the afternoon.

  After too many missed opportunities, I finally decided to stop for an early meal, since I knew I would be in meetings until late in the evening. I was surprised to see that they are an all-day restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were lots of egg dishes listed on the breakfast portion, and I'm supposing it would be homestyle meals. Lots of fried foods are included on the lunch list, including burgers and fish items.

  The restaurant has daily specials which I decided to try. Of course I picked a meal that was not the special of the day I visited, but it was the item that reached out to me. My dinner consisted of BBQ rib tips with fries. The price was decent, especially for the amount of food they served. The meat was tender enough, and the sauce is sweet & spicy, but not overpowering. The staff were friendly, and the whole place gave a good Mom & Pop vibe. It is certainly a spot to keep on your list when visiting downtown KCK.

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