Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Restaurant Review: Zaxby's Chicken

   A while back we visited a fast food restaurant in Blue Springs that focused on chicken strip dinners. We were both a little surprised at the concept, but evidently it is catching on. Recently we made our first stop at Zaxby's Chicken in the Village West are of KCK. Here we found another restaurant chain focusing on this narrow field of protein options. Since we were already there, we decided to try them out.

    The menu is fairly straightforward, but has a surprising number of combinations to choose from. We took a moment to finally decide on our meals, and then placed our order. Like most fast food places, the focus is on quick turn time. Since we were in a hurry, we weren't too worried about the gourmet experience we were missing. We were both taken back a bit by the sheer number of calories allotted to their meals. It was a hefty price to pay for speedy service.

  The dining area follows the lead of most any other fast food restaurant with a combination of table tops and booths. The service is set up so that a staff member will bring your meals to your table, which helps prevent congestion at the order counter.

  We each ordered the four strip meal, which includes cole slaw, fries, and a piece of garlic toast. The chicken was a little bland, but had a good crust. The dipping sauce did add a smoky, peppery kick to the entree, and was a welcome addition. The fries are standard fast food fare, and the toast was saturated with butter, but lacking much garlic flavor. To me the winning part of the meal was the cole slaw. Crisp vegetables with a slightly sweet base is the style I grew up with. Overall Zaxby's Chicken is exactly what you would expect for fast food, and the prices are fairly standard for the amount of food they dish out. If you would like more information you can find out a ton of stuff at

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