Thursday, May 19, 2016

Restaurant Review: Arthur Bryant's Barbecue

  As I have stated before, Kansas Citians have strong opinions about BBQ. While we have our top locations, we don't mind trying new ones. We also have assembled a few go to places when we are in specific areas of the metro. So with Spring almost over we are sitting squarely in baseball season. While the Royals play in Missouri, we find more entertainment at the T-Bones games. I have spoken about this in a previous post, so I'll get to the food review.

  The Legends location is not the original Arthur Bryant's site, but they still offer up the same quality, and quantity of food. While a lot of people choose to bring their tailgating supplies to the ballgame, we enjoy stopping in Bryant's for a meal before the game. They offer a good variety of meat options, and sides, plus they have variety of sauces. This will allow those who like sweet to eat at the same restaurant as someone who likes a little heat with their food. 

  Our go to meal is to order a combo ham & beef sandwich with fries. This is plenty of food for two, and we will split the sandwich up by meat type. I will always happily take the beef, as it is pull apart tender. The fries can be a little greasy, but not any more than Five Guys or some of the other burger joints. They also have decent ribs and short ends, as well as burnt ends. 

   An added bonus for us is that hey will smoke meats for customers. Every Fall we get a turkey for Thanksgiving. I used to smoke it myself, which is an enormous task, but now I just drop it off 2 or 3 days prior to the meal day. When I pick it up it is ready to reheat and serve. As you can see, it has plenty of good smoke color, and the taste is so good. 

  The next time you are looking for a casual meal, where you get a good value for your money, try Arthur Bryant's. It really is legendary.

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