Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Restaurant Review: Manny's Mexican Restaurant

  Kansas Citians are not quiet about their favorites. If you ask about BBQ you will get a plethora of names, all of which are the favorite of someone, and for a good reason. The same thing goes when you mention Mexican food. When you ask a group where to get good Mexican food you may be directed to an assortment of locations in the metro. In realizing this, I have decided it best not to single one out at the top, but to merely offer up some information on various locations, and let the reader make the decision on which is their favorite.

  Sitting squarely in the Crossroads District, Manny's Mexican Restaurant has been serving up family recipes for about 33 years. This family owned and operated business sits on the corner of 20th Street & Southwest Boulevard. Open for lunch and dinner, their menu is packed full of options beyond just tacos. Their fajitas are served sizzling hot, and accompanied by an assortment of topping options. They offer some Americanized recipes for those unsure about how far to wander from their comfort zone.

  On First Fridays expect to find the restaurant overflowing with patrons looking to satisfy their hungers. Many will choose to order a Manny's Margarita, which the restaurant claims to have served over 1,000,000 of throughout the years. With all of the menu options available it can be difficult to decide on just one main course. When in doubt I just look at the taco selections. Manny's has the standard hard shell tacos that most Americans picture, but they also offer a more authentic version. Their Street Tacos are made with pork, and topped with onions and cilantro. You can choose either flour or corn tortillas, and both offer a slight taste variation to the meal.

  So the next time you are in the Crossroads District be sure to drop by Manny's Restaurant, and find out for yourself how you would rate them on the Kansas City scale. You might just discover your new favorite Mexican food location. 

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