Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pryde's Old Westport

The newer awnings add a pop of color to the outside.

  We always enjoy shopping in the Westport area on town. It holds some one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques. Located in a nearly 100 year old building, Pryde's Old Westport is chocked full of items to hold your interest, and spark your creativity. On about any day, except Sundays, this place is packed with shoppers looking for a unique addition to a collection or an interesting gift idea. Now Pryde's hasn't always been the tenant in this building, but they have been since the late 1960's.

Many color options of Fiesta ware available.

  A rainy day is a great time to spend hours wandering the store perusing the inventory. If you are in search of cookware or dishes you will find an almost unending supply. Fiesta ware has seen a recent resurgence, and Pryde's carries more variety than about any place we can think of in the metro. If you are looking for bakeware they have just about any and every style of pan imaginable. They also carry a wide range of cutlery and utensils, some of which are hard to even imagine a use for, but clearly other more capable cooks are in the know.

More inventory options over here.

  While all of those items would fill most any kitchen supply store, Pryde's inventory doesn't stop there. As you wander the store you will also find aprons, pot holders, and linens. Coffee items, including presses, grinders, and makers are plentiful. You may also be in the mood for jams, jellies, spreads, and other food treats, and there are many types to be found. Some of these are local brands, which is great to see.

I'm always in the mood for a sweet treat.

  With all of this wandering it is easy to work up an appetite, but don't worry they have you covered. In the back of the shop you will find Ashleigh's Bake Shop. This little bakery serves up sweet treats to customers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. Their pies are baked fresh daily, and their choice of quality ingredients are evident in the flavor.

The garden section has lots of items to add a special touch.

  While wandering the store you will certainly run across the semi-outdoor garden section. Here you will find a good assortment of baskets, vases, planters, and other outdoor accessories. As you can tell, Pryde's Old Westport attempts to satisfy all of your needs to plan a great party indoors or out. Make plans to stop by and be wowed by the amazing assortment of inventory. You can get a feel for it by visiting

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