Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sweet Treats: Nothing Bundt Cakes

One of the store fronts.

    A lot of our posts are focused on the fine eats that can be found around our region, but like most we also appreciate a good dessert now and then. In the past few years we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of cakes. A lot of this has been due to the pop-up bakeries focusing on specialty cupcakes. Recently a new twist has been added to the mix, bundt cakes. When we hear the term we immediately think about the delicious treat that our moms would create using that weird looking round pan.

Each shop is designed to be customer friendly.

   Nothing Bundt Cakes has decided to capitalize on this trend, and has spread throughout the nation, including three locations in the Kansas City metro. This sweet treat producer was started by two women in 1997 to produce cakes for their friends and family. As the popularity grew they realized that this hobby could become a successful business.

The display case is almost a work of art.
  The decision to use fresh eggs, as well as real butter and cream cheese has allowed them to offer a product with consistent taste. By choosing not to compromise on ingredients, they had found a recipe worth repeating. They offer bundt cakes in 8" or 10" sizes, and even have tiered cakes for serving larger numbers. They can be decorated in a wide range of themes, which should fit almost any occasion.

An assortment of sweet treats.
  Of course, some people may only want a small portion of cake, and Nothing Bundt Cakes has that taken care of, as well. They sell bundtlets, which are a cupcake size version of their cakes. They also have bundtinis, which are bite size portions, but with all of the flavor of the regular cakes. All of their cake sizes come in nine different flavors, so everyone can pick the one that they want. They also offer special designs during the holidays, so keep that in mind with Christmas looming in the near future. For more information, or just to drool over their offerings, visit

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