Monday, September 19, 2016

Restaurant Review: Roscoe's BBQ

For all of your fueling needs.

  We aren't sure what it is about BBQ and gas stations in Kansas City, Kansas, but it seems to be working out well for those looking for good eats. We all know of the one that gets national attention, but did you realize there is a second one that offers up its own variety of down home cooking? Just on the edge of Edwardsville, at 9711 Kaw Drive, sits Roscoe's BBQ.  

The inside looks like most any small restaurant.

  Roscoe's isn't much to see from the outside, and the inside is laid out like most any other small restaurant. Of course people don't come here for the ambiance, they are coming in search of great BBQ. Fortunately, they have picked a good location to end their search. Like many other BBQ restaurants, Roscoe's got their start by participating in cook-off contests. This seems to be the tried and true method to hone your skills. Now they spend their weekdays serving up their offerings to hungry customers.

Pulled pork sandwich with fries and cole slaw.
  You can almost judge a good BBQ joint by the smell when you get out of your vehicle. When you arrive at Roscoe's you know they have the makings for some high quality smoke. The food carries that smoky flavor throughout the menu. Their molasses based sauces give a little twang to the taste, which is a welcome change from the usual Kansas City style sauces. Their sandwiches are piled high with tender, delicious tasting meats. The fries are just standard frozen crinkle cuts, but they aren't any worse than most places. The Cole Slaw has a dill based taste, which is different that what you find in most KC restaurants.

Ribs with Cheesy Corn and Slow Cooked Beans.
  The ribs are how we judge a BBQ restaurant, and this place has certainly hit a home-run here. The meat is fall off the bone tender, and the flavor fills your mouth. They have the skill to make a good smoke flavor without drying out the meat, so every bite is juicy. The Slow Cooked Beans have chunks of burnt ends, which impart that smoky flavor to the dish, and help cut some of the sweetness of the sauce. The Cheesy Corn is not a side I am accustomed to, but it had good flavor.

Sometimes you just have to get an assortment to share.
  The overall experience was good, and the meats are over the top. The prices are in the normal BBQ range with a slab of ribs costing around $17.00. You can order meats by the pound or the have a couple of dinner specials. For the family plan they have some family platters that will run you about $10 to $12 per person, if their estimates are correct. We find that you can hunt and pick through the menu and build a good family dinner for about the same per person price. Be aware that their limited hours means that they are likely to run out of items by dinner time, so it's best to plan accordingly. You can find out more about them by visiting

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