Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Restaurant Review: Raising Cane's

  It has been said that the secret to success is doing one thing, and doing it right. At Raising Cane's the one thing is chicken strips, and this chain restaurant seems to be wildly successful. Now when we left on our recent adventure through the metro we had no idea this place even existed, let alone that there were three locations in our city. We chose to head to Blue Springs, since it is not usually on our target list of areas to visit. Being a holiday weekend, we found ourselves with some spare time, and decided to venture out. When it came time for lunch we were faced with the standard fast food type offerings. Since Raising Cane's was unfamiliar to us, it obviously got the nod.

  The store is set up like most any other fast food restaurant, but this one was teeming with customers. I consider this a positive, since it means that some of the people are probably return customers. The menu is very simple. They serve chicken strips. Of course nothing is that simple. You have to choose either a 3, 4 or 6 strip meal or you could opt for a chicken strip sandwich.

  The meals come with crinkle cut fries, a slice of Texas toast, and some of their signature dipping sauce. The fries are fries, so enough said. The toast has a garlic undertone, which I found to be good without being overwhelming. The dipping sauce has decent flavor, but I am not one to regularly use a sauce. The chicken strip were all white meat, and had good flavor. The crust on the strips was not spicy, and stayed with the strip. Overall the food was pretty good for a fast food joint. Being a southern style food place I was hoping that they would offer sweet tea, and I was not disappointed. It was certainly a refreshing way to wash down my meal. For more information or to find a store near you, check out https://www.raisingcanes.com/.

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