Thursday, September 15, 2016

Restaurant Review: R.J.'s Bob-Be-Que Shack

Looks pretty normal from the outside.
   As we continue our BBQ tour, our next stop is R.J's Bob-Be-Que Shack in Mission, Kansas. This place gets a nod for being featured on Kansas City's Check Please! and on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Of course being on TV doesn't mean your are good, just that you are known. The food is the tell, and this place serves up pretty good meals.

They have Carry-Out as well as Dine-In.
  The restaurant is not large, but it does have a decent amount of indoor seating, as well as a small patio area. Most times it should be easy enough to find a spot, but do take note that they will often have a musical guest on Saturday evenings, so the patio may get a little crowded at those times.

2 Meat Plate with Ribs and Burnt Ends.
   Of course, we don't go to a BBQ joint for the ambiance, we come for the food. Our signature way of determining the quality of any BBQ is to try the ribs. Of course, it also helps to test the burnt ends, so you can see how well the do other cuts. The meats have a good smoke, and are plenty tender. The smoking is obvious, as you can smell it as soon as you enter the restaurant.

3 Meat Plate with Chicken, Ribs, and Pulled Pork.
   They offer plenty of other meal options including the rarely found lamb ribs and fish. The menu lists appetizers and sides separately, but we often use them all for sides. There are a couple of salads and soups available, but we have never tried those. After all, we are talking about BBQ here. R.J.'s does offer sweet potato fries, which is something we have come to like better than standard ones, so that is a bonus.

Farm Hand Breakfast with Smoked Bacon. 
  Another bonus is that they offer breakfast on Saturday and Sundays. The menu actually is pretty robust for this meal, and offers a couple of dishes that include chorizo. Once again, not something found in most BBQ joints. I guess a lot of these menu anomalies can be traced back to the owners roots as a chef in the fine dining industry. The quality and consistency certainly are on the forefront at R.J.'s. This place is definitely worth adding to your BBQ Trail list, so make plans to give them a try. For more information, and a peek at the menu check out

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