Thursday, September 8, 2016

Restaurant Review: Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

  I will say something that may not be well taken, but not all BBQ is created equally. We have tried a wide range of places, and always look for that special dish that each one holds up above the others. At some locations it may be the ribs, while others may have awesome brisket. Quite a few have exceptional burnt ends, but almost all have one thing in common, they are not corporate barbecue.

  Famous Dave's has a huge following, which is obvious from the fact that they have multiple locations in 32 states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Now you must be doing something right to create a BBQ empire that large. The food they serve is very reminiscent of good barbecue, but somewhere along the way they have become the epitome of big business barbecue.

6 Bones Meal
   The menu offers a wide variety of options from appetizers to full-on feasts. The side choices are abundant, and they even have a kid's meals section. Most of the selections have names that evoke a down-home feeling, and may even spark some nostalgic memories. Everything is well honed in a way that is meant to be marketable to the masses. 

Feast for One

  This is the perfect recipe to sell barbecue to folks in Washington or Maine, but what about here in the BBQ capitol of the world. Our general take on the food is that it is what you would expect from a regular restaurant trying to up-sell barbecue menu items. While the food has decent flavor, and the menu is teeming with unique items, the prices are high even for the costly BBQ category. Of course, a keen eye will pick out a decent deal at most any location. The 6 Bones Meal will set you back about $17.00, while the Feast for One pictured above sells for about $19.00, but is enough food for two. 

 One area we find appealing is the variety of sauces they offer. With a range from sweet to spicy most anyone can find a flavor that fits the bill. Feel free to kick your meal up a notch with the Devil Spit sauce. All in all we find Famous Dave's to be an okay experience, but not one we would drive out of our way to enjoy. It's more the kind of place that is convenient when you are in the area and need a barbecue food fix. For more info about them check out

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