Friday, September 9, 2016

The Sweet Life

   Many people around the metro enjoy the First Friday events in the Crossroads District. Here you can find almost every kind of entertainment and artistic venue possible. For us it also gives the opportunity to partake in foods and treats not usually in our weekly menu. The problem can actually be determining which treat we want to savor on a particular month. Fortunately, we can always fall back on a tried-and-true delight by visiting Christopher Elbow Chocolates. In a non-distinct building the staff churn out some of the most delectable treats.

  Upon entering the store one faces a bounty of treats that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate. Here you will be tempted by truffles with many flavor combinations, as well as chocolate bars, nuts, and my favorite, toffee. Now as we said, this is not a regular occurrence for us, so we feel safe partaking on the times we do get to stop by. The best part of First Fridays is that they run a special on their truffles.

   It is normal to see the line start small early in the evening, but once dinner time has passed the crowds descend upon this place. Soon the small building is overflowing with customers, who all are clamoring for a better view of the evening's availability.

   We have developed a routine that helps insure our success at this location, but I'm afraid I cannot share it with you without compromising our victory. I mean we have to keep some secrets as closely guarded as the recipe for Coca-Cola or KFC chicken. I will hint at the need to alter your dining time to earlier in the evening, which should put you in line with plenty of time to find all of the best flavors still in stock. We hope you get a chance to indulge in these fantastic treats in the very near future. To find out more visit

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