Friday, September 2, 2016

Restaurant Review: Mad Jack's Fresh Fish

  Since we already visited one of the top fish restaurants in KCK this week, we might as well hit up another one. Mad Jack's Fresh Fish is a little different from others, as they offer fresh fish you can take home to cook. They have about a dozen varieties of fish, and also a few shellfish items. They sell some breaded items for folks to take home and fry up, as well. They have there own breading mix, and assorted seasonings and boils, for those that prefer to do the whole job themselves. Here you can get all the fixings for your next homemade fish dinner.

  Okay, I got that part out of the way, so now we can move on to the reason most people come to Mad Jack's, the already prepared food. The menu is built around four main ways you can order your meal. You can order a half pound or a full pound of the entree, which include items like basa, tilapia, catfish, walleye or even frog legs. You can have your entree combined with fries, bread and hot sauce or cole slaw and potato salad. Of course that is a fairly light overview of the menu, as they have plenty of other sides, mains, and even desserts. You can even mix and match some of the sides, although if you get too crazy there may be a slight up-charge.

  The fish is well flavored, and crispy good. I have on occasion tried about four of the varieties, and all have been delicious. The fries are standard thick cut, and hold up well. The potato salad and cole slaw are run of the mill, but make decent sides. If you order the bread and hot sauce version, it tastes like Wonder white bread, and the hot sauce is very much like Frank's. Overall these are passable, but the main reason to visit is for the fish. Mad Jack's is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm. On Sunday they are open from Noon until 6:00 pm. For more information or to see their menu visit

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