Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Restaurant Review: El Potro Mexican Cafe

  The other day I had just finished a round of golf at Sunflower Hills. I was talking with some of  the guys in the clubhouse, when the topic of good Mexican food restaurants came up. Without hesitation they both directed me to El Potro Mexican Cafe and Cantina. As I had never heard of it, their quick and certain response told me that I needed to add it to our wish list. Once on the wish list, we attempt to make an excuse to visit locations for a chance to see first hand what the buzz is about. I try to keep a wish list for restaurants, shops, festivals, and a general entertainment/fun stuff category.

  This Bonner Springs, Kansas eatery is a little out of the way, but that has not kept the public from finding them. Our visit was on a Sunday morning in between breakfast and lunch times. Yes, I said breakfast. On Saturdays and Sundays they serve breakfast options from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm. Of course, on our visit we were looking for lunch, but we did make note of this early meal option. My wife commented about the possibility of trying their breakfast burritos. With their close proximity to the golf course, I can probably talk her into joining me, if I tempt her with a promise of stopping by this restaurant afterwards.

  When we arrived we were the first to be seated in the front dining room. It looks like most of the breakfast crowd were seated in the area closer to the bar. It wasn't long before we were joined by more groups, and by the time we left the parking lot was getting active. The seating area is decent sized, and they have the tables spaced far enough apart to give patrons room to move without bumping chairs, This is a little thing, but one we truly appreciate. Staff was quick to attend to us, and actually very attentive. At one point I noticed our table wobbled a little, so I headed to the bar area to ask for a coaster. By the time I returned our server had already remedied the situation, and done so with a smile.

  One of the things my wife was wanting on this particular visit was some queso dip. Much to our surprise this is served along with the chips and salsa, which at most restaurants is an extra charge. The queso was warm and delicious, and was served with light and crispy chips. The chips were probably made in house, as they were too  thin to be easily transported. This style of chip is an added bonus, as it doesn't outweigh the dips. We were a little disappointed in the salsa, which was not at all spicy, and had an almost tomato paste taste. Still we give the pre-dinner offerings a thumbs up.

  For meal choices my wife selected the Chicken Ranchero Chimichanga. This chicken stuffed, deep fried rolled tortilla is served with a ranchero sauce. They offer beans and rice for sides, but she always forgoes the beans in favor of extra rice. She enjoyed the flavor of the main course, and found the ranchero sauce added extra flavor to the meal. I rely on her for an opinion of the rice, as it is not my favorite side. She found it very good, and gives it a positive review.

  I struggled picking just one meal, as the offerings can almost be overwhelming. There were so many good sounding dishes, but I finally settled upon the Faluta De Pollo Ranchero. The main dish is a flavored pork rolled inside corn tortillas, and served with sour cream and guacamole. For sides I went with the rice and refried beans. There are three different styles of beans to select from, so this place is all about giving options. The flautas were crunchy and delicious. The toppings were plentiful enough for all three of my rolls, and still allowed some to share. The beans were average, but do come with some melted cheese on top.

  Overall we were very pleased with our first, and certainly not the last visit. Of special note is that this place also has drive-thru option, which we found very interesting for a sit down restaurant. The prices are very appealing, and we were able to enjoy our lunch for less than $16.00 before tip. To find out more, and see their vast menu offerings check out http://www.elpotrokc.com/.


  1. I go by this place all the time, eating at another... I need to stop in!

  2. Most certainly. We are already planning a breakfast stop, so we can see how that meal rates.