Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Restaurant Review: Woodyard BBQ

Quirky signage marks the spot.
   Kansas City BBQ can be found almost everywhere in the metro. We've seen the small dive restaurants, the gas station stops, and now we will look at a house converted into a BBQ mecca. Located on the fringe between Johnson and Wyandotte counties you will find Woodyard BBQ. Heading east from Nigro's Western Store on Merriam Lane, you are surrounded by commercial businesses when suddenly a couple of residences appear. On closer inspection you realize that the house on the south side of the street is actually a BBQ joint.

More signage.
   As you make your way through the property you find yourself reading the large assortment of hand made signs. There are signs about the hours of business, and signs giving directions, as well as signs about some of the celebrity guests that have visited the restaurant. It seems that Kansas City is as famous for BBQ outside of the region, as it is around the Midwest.

Fewer choices make for quicker decisions.
  The menu at Woodyard's is fairly straightforward. They offer up the usual BBQ items, as well as wings, and a killer burnt end chili. You can also purchase some of the items by the pound, if you want to have lunch for the week. Besides the standard sandwiches, they also have a few specialty handhelds worth noting. The Triple "P" will set you up with ham, pulled pork, bacon, and provolone cheese. The Carolina gives a nod to the East coast style BBQ served with pulled pork and topped with cole slaw.

Burnt ends plate with fries.
   Many patrons will gravitate towards the burnt ends, and Woodyard will give them a reason to keep coming back. Packed with smoked flavor, these delicious bites of meat are soaked with sauciness. The fries are thinner than the usual steak-cut you find at most BBQ joints, but the crispiness helps overcome that shortfall.

Ribs with cheesy corn and baked beans.
  As I've said on many occasions, we judge BBQ restaurants by their ribs. Woodyard has a decent smoke ring, and good flavor. The meat is not as tender as some places, but the ribs are meatier than a lot of the competition. The baked beans and cheesy corn are really good, so be sure to grab some. There is an assortment of seating options, indoors and out, and if you prefer you can watch the pit master at work while you eat. The smoke is thick in the yard, and adds to the down-home BBQ ambiance. This is certainly one of the top BBQ joints in the metro. Check them out at

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